Colloidal Silver 100% Natural Deodorant


Stay fresh and confident with our Colloidal Silver Deodorant, a natural and effective solution for odour protection. Infused with the antimicrobial power of colloidal silver, this deodorant eliminates bacteria that cause odour, providing long-lasting freshness without harsh chemicals. Gentle on the skin and free from aluminium and synthetic fragrances, it’s perfect for daily use and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Embrace the purity and protection of colloidal silver for all-day confidence and comfort.

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Our 100% natural Colloidal Silver Deodorant, is not only non toxic and good for you skin its wonderful mild Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oil frangrance leaves you arm pits feeling and smelling good.



Our Colloidal Silver Deodorant with Black Seed Oil & MSM Powder is 100% natural.

When used topically, these Natural ingredients are extremely beneficial to the body so we have created a Fantastic 100% Natural Deodorant to leave you feeling fresh & fabulous.

Our specially selected Lavender & Frankincense Pure Essential Oil leave you smelling beautiful also while also absorbing the natural benefits of these amazing Pure Essential Oils.


Colloidal Silver:

Colloidal Silver is “made with silver colloids, ionic silver and silver proteins; and colloidal is the term used to describe the particles of silver that do not dissolve, but instead remain suspended in the liquid.


Period After Opening (PAO):12M


100% natural ingredients

Colloidal silver 15ppm

Black Seed Oil

Methylsulfonylmethane ~ Black Seed Oil

Lavender & Frankincense



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