Clean Pb+ Cordyceps Mushroom – 60 capsules


Traditionally prepared in Chinese medicine as a broth, it can also be used as an extract, as a tea, or in capsules. While Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, modern research affirms its value.

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Also known as Cordyceps militaris, the benefits of Organic Cordyceps are vast. Use of Cordyceps militaris dates back to the 15th century in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicines. The wild form of Cordyceps is rare and expensive; consequently, a strain isolated from the wild form is now cultivated and commonly used.

Cordyceps Mushroom is perfect for:

  • Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Cordyceps is often used to enhance athletic performance and endurance. It may help improve oxygen utilization, increase energy levels, and support overall physical stamina during exercise.
  • Immune Support Seekers: Cordyceps mushrooms have immune-modulating properties that may help strengthen the immune system and support its function. It can be beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their natural defenses against infections and illnesses.
  • Those with Respiratory Health Concerns: Cordyceps has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine for respiratory conditions. It may support lung function, improve oxygen uptake, and assist with respiratory health.
  • Individuals Seeking Stress Management: Cordyceps is classified as an adaptogen, meaning it may help the body adapt to stress and support overall resilience. It can be beneficial for managing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.
  • People with Low Energy Levels: Cordyceps mushrooms are believed to boost energy and combat fatigue. They may help improve vitality and combat feelings of tiredness or exhaustion.
  • Seniors and Aging Adults: Cordyceps mushrooms have antioxidant properties that can support cellular health and combat oxidative stress associated with aging. They may contribute to overall vitality and well-being in older adults.
  • Those Looking for Natural Health Support: Cordyceps mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that offer various health benefits, including cardiovascular support, liver health, and cognitive function.

PB+ supplements promise to be:

  • Free from Heavy metals
  • Free from binders, bulking agents ~ nothing added at all
  • 100% Clean
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Organic where appropriate
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugars or sweeteners
  • Dairy free
  • GMO free
  • 100% natural ingredients ~ nothing synthetic
  • Made in the UK


Take 1-2 capsules per day.

MANUFACTURED IN A GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY –  Our capsules are GMP compliant to ensure premium quality. Our supplements are always free from unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Potential benefits

Cordyceps Mushroom: Health Uses and Benefits

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY HEART – The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of this herb has been found to strengthen cardiovascular health and improve circulation.• ENERGY, STAMINA & ENDURANCE – One particular health benefit of organic cordyceps is its capability to substantially increase energy levels. It is well known in the sporting world for its ability to deliver bursts of energy. This powerhouse mushroom powder boosts the level of oxygen uptake in the body and enriches cellular energy creation, thereby generating that added push for individuals who require a shot of energy• ANTI-AGEING – Cordyceps mushroom possesses high levels of anti-aging compounds that can really help revitalize the skin, eradicate dead cells, and improve the presence of imperfections, wrinkles, acne and age spots, essentially making you look more vibrant and youthful!

    • MANAGES RESPIRATORY FUNCTION – Regular cordyceps herbal usage can boost the quantity of oxygen absorbed by the lungs, so is additionally helpful for those dealing with breathing issues


Organic Cordyceps Mushroom 500mg, vegetarian Capsule




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