Every journey has a beginning,

Ours began in February 2020 when our managing director was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Below is his story.

“At the age of 48 following a rugby injury I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer which had metastasised to the liver, which meant that for the subsequent months, my life was dictated by doctors and modern medicine while I waited to be told what was to happen next. This feeling of powerlessness did not sit right with me. I wanted some semblance of control, so I started to research what I could do to help myself, which very quickly sent me down the path of holistic medicine. Each step down this path ignited my curiosity and passion to further learn the many ways I could clean up all aspects of my life from what I put in and on my body to what I surround myself with.

It was shocking to me how many things we use in everyday life are toxic/carcinogens causing a negative impact on our bodies, a lot of the time without us even being conscious of it & I have been working in the commercial cleaning business surrounded by these chemicals all my working life. Throughout my own experiences since being diagnosed, our toxic environment has been made much more obvious and although some things, try as we may, can’t be helped, it is my hope that using my newfound knowledge I can help to reduce the number of harmful products we are surrounded by, and implement safer cleaner alternatives that can instead have a much more positive impact on our lives”

Although this venture was brought to fruition on the back of a heart-breaking and terrifying situation, it has provided us with eye-opening knowledge that we are using to the best of our ability, to help improve health and well-being by supplying clean supplements, natural personal care products, alongside offering our existing Polar Brite customers non-toxic alternatives. We are excited to continue this journey of clean living and are passionate about sharing all we learn along the way with you.

The beginning was tough, the journey is enlightening, and the outlook is beautiful.

Please join us on our journey.

Our Story