Top Grade Powder (5KG)

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Top Grade Powder (5KG)

Top Grade Powder

Top Grade Powder (5KG)

Top Grade Powder is a fine, high grade, free flowing, lemon perfumed powder, for cleaning carpets, most curtains and upholstery. Contains corrosion inhibitor, extra cleaning agent, extra water softening agent, optical brightener and added defoamer. Ideal for use with Citrus Fresh Deodoriser (0028). Dilution Rate: 1:500 pH 10-12

Use one 15ml scoop (enclosed) of Top Grade Powder per 10 litres of hot water. Sprinkle into solution tank. Use double the amount of powder for heavy soiling.

Safety Data Sheet

Price: £25.00 per unit ex. VAT
(£30.00 per unit inc. VAT)