Super Degreaser (5L)

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Super Degreaser (5L)

Super Degreaser 

Super Degreaser (5L)


A high strength cleaner and degreaser that will save you time on the toughest cleaning jobs.

Cuts through grease, oils, grime, blood stains, smoke damage, crayons, waxes, carbon, inks, sugars, starch, mildew.

Suitable for any surface that is water tolerant, including walls, carpets, upholstery, vehicles, food areas, engineering plants, bakeries, garage forecourts, concrete areas, abattoirs, roofs, upvc, breweries, confectioners, machins shops, printing works, hospital authorities, etc. Ideal for most carpets & upholstery.


DIRECTION: Light Dirt: 1-200 to 1-100, Medium Dirt: 1-50, Heavy Dirt: 1-10, Hardened Grime:Undiluted.

Dilute Super Degreaser with hot or cold water depending on job. Apply using spray, mop, brush, cloth or machine. Then hose off or wipe with damp cloth.


Safety Data Sheet

Price: £9.56 per unit ex. VAT
(£11.47 per unit inc. VAT)