Floor Pads (15")

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Floor Pads (15")
Floor Pads (15")
Floor Pads (15")
Floor Pads (15")
Floor Pads (15")

Floor Pads

Floor Pads (15")


Our Floor Pads are high quality superior performance floor pads which deliver a masterful floor care programme.

  • Exceed at soil removal & absorption of the soil residue without impairing peformance due to glogging.
  • Cushion fir to the contours of uneven floors
  • High density fibres and long lasting abrasives
  • Centre hole punch-out for attachment to most rotary floor machines
  • 25MM thick floor pads to rotary floor machines operating at 175rpm to 350rpm
  • Choice of 4 types/colours
  • Suitable for most hard floors surfaces
  • Sizes available : 15", 17", 20",


BLACK FLOOR PAD: For heavy duty wet stripping. Very aggressive to remove wax, dirt and any finish.

BLUE FLOOR PAD: Wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks.

RED FLOOR PAD: Dry buffing, ideal for auto scrubber. Restores gloss while removing dirt and scuff marks.

WHITE FLOOR PAD: Non-abrasive for polishing floors to produce a high gloss finish.

Price: £5.00 per unit ex. VAT
(£5.00 per unit inc. VAT)